The key idea

To divide the whole workflow in two phases: production and finishing.

Production flow

The key-idea stands in dividing by two the whole production work (phase 1: binding, phase 2: finishing) and consequently palletize in two distinct moments, one at the end of the phase 1 and the other at the end of the phase 2. This means that before entering phase 2 it is necessary to de-palletize the book’s blocks, but it is worth compared to the full efficiency gained on phase 1.

The actual process

On the field, phase 1 includes a perfect binder or a casing machine followed by a palletizer. Phase 2, instead, starts de-palletizing the result of phase 1, following all the other finishing operations and ending forming a new pallet of finished products ready to be delivered.

Our revolution

With Packaging Line, the new working flow will be organized as follow: pallet, single book and pallet again. Each customer will be able to customize its finishing line with a taylor-made layout designed to offer the maximum flexibility to all the company’s machinery.

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