Let independent production and finishing phases in order not to interfere one with the other

Working Isle

Solema Packaging line embodies a new production philosophy. The Packaging line concept considers production and finishing as two separate phases. It's the innovative way to optimize the production. A new working isle where all the finishing processes can be performed with unlimited combinations without slowing down the productivity during the binding phase.

Production and finishing are completely independent in order not to interfere one with the other.

The issue

Commonly, in the GraphicArt industry, Finishing equipment such as labelling or shrink-wrapping machines are installed in line with perfect binding and casing machines. This implies and imposes the slowdown of the fastest machines, with a “cruising speed” set by the slower ones.

The solution

Allow to the perfect binders and casing in lines to run at their maximum speed and for a shorter time. This is possible keeping the fishining process indipendent from the binding one, displacing labellers, shrink wrappers, drilling machines and etc.. Thanks to Solema Packaging line our customers avoid bottle necks and idle times on their production lines.

Quick return on investment

Maximum production flexibility on your binders and casing-in lines. They can run to the maximum speed with no any limitations due to the finishing operations.

That means less production time, less labour cost and less bottle necks during the production.
A customized finishing area with all the machines in line will allow to our customers unlimited finishing operations.

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