Maximum flexibility

Solema designs a taylored Packaging line layout for its customers. Starting from the space available for line installation footprint and all the different customer's production needs, Solema is able to provide the right solution. Installing in line all the finishing machines allowing to the customer the maximum production flexibility is the key. Unlimited finishing processes will be permitted to our customers with Solema Packaging line.

New production concept

Let binders and casing-in lines run separately from the finishing operations. Solema palletizers is the right soolutions to palletize properly the products ready to be depalletized by Solema Packaging line. Finishing becomes indipendent from the production. A new working isle will be at customer disposal to perform all the different finishing operations needed.

Faster - Smarter - Cheaper: Solema Packaging line

Binders and casing-in lines run to their maximum speed and for less time. With this new production concept the finishing operations don't limit the production speed having a lower productivity, being in some cases the bottle necks into the lines. Also many size changes time could be an issue that would reduce the production speed. Splitting the production phase from the finishing one allow to our customers to be more productive, flexible and smarter, also saving some labour cost. Less operators will be involved in the process adopting our automation ideas.

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