Perfect for your needs

Every customer customizes their finishing line with specific processes. The layout is designed to offer the maximum flexibility.

1 - Site inspection

Our work begins with an inspection carried out by Solema technicians. In this phase, the architectural and functional characteristics of the context in which the packaging line will be installed are detected.

2 - Study of production flows

Process optimization determines the flow of production. The experience gained over the years allows Solema to have a complete and competent cultural background providing the customer with the ideal solution for solving all his problems.

3 - Study of the proposal

Once the study is finished, it's time to design the solution and evaluate the pros and cons of every little variation of the concept. Every single detail is subjected to careful analysis so that, during the installation phase, there is no annoying setback and costly downtime.

4 – Line Installation

Solema technicians are constantly trained in every aspect. Mechanical, electronic, engineering. This preparation, combined with the great ability to adapt to the most extreme situations, makes the Solema team a cohesive and prepared team, ready to face even the most difficult challenges.

5 - Aftersales service

Every component, every detail of the Solema packaging line is carefully inspected before starting. Despite this, the intensive and daily use of the equipment may in the long run require further tuning phases. It is here that Solema technicians give their best, planning scheduled maintenance and, if necessary, urgent repairs to the line. A real assistance center that anticipates and realigns all the elements subject to wear but, in case of urgent need, is always present and available.

We take care of everything

Arrangement of machinery and possible combinations to make the most of space, choice of mechanical components, production flow planning, are all aspects that are taken into consideration for the realization of a project that optimizes the resources, time and space available.

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